Truck fatalities dropped 25% in last 20 years

New life-saving technologies prevent serious accidents & injuries

_JOB3264Commercial vehicles are making significant contributions to the improvement of road safety. While trucks are commonly perceived as a road safety concern, this is not supported by the facts. Nowadays new life-saving technologies and advanced designs help in preventing accidents or serious injuries. In addition, over the past two decades, the number of fatalities involving trucks in Europe has declined by more than 25% – at a faster rate than the overall trend of decline in road accidents and fatalities. Moreover, intensive collaboration between the commercial vehicle industry, governments and safety organisations has provided road users with safer road circulation.

Roads are now safer as a result of new technologies & fuel-efficiency measures

New technologies and fuel-efficiency measures have made European trucks and buses the cleanest, safest and most advanced in the world. Active and passive safety devices, such as ABS and Roll-Over Control Systems, are only two of the many new technologies that help in preventing accidents and reducing injuries. Road safety has increased as a result of improvements to the design and structure of commercial vehicles. However, responsible drivers, vehicle safety systems and road infrastructure have to be combined in order to save lives and avoid road accidents