Road Transport: A key factor for prosperity

Freight transport & distribution is a 250 billion a year business

_JOB2849Commercial vehicles are vital to the functioning of our societies in the 21st century, in which convenience, freshness, choice and speed are fundamental factors. Most of our daily necessities, such as fresh food from the supermarket or corner store, newspapers and magazines, electronics and appliances, clothing, and so on, depend on trucks at some point in the distribution chain. Freight transport and distribution is a €250 billion a year business in Europe and road haulage is the preferred mode. 

Trucks plays a vital role in Europe’s transport infrastructure

Trucks function as part of an integrated infrastructure whose components also include _JOB8333inland waterway shipping, air and rail transport. While separately, each has its own inherent advantages, combined they form a more efficient, integrated system. Moreover, the other component depend on trucks to transfer freight to and from depots or ports. Thus, not only do trucks remain the most flexible, responsive and economical mode of transport for the vast majority of goods and freight, they are also essential to the functioning of the larger, integrated European transport infrastructure.