Road safety & commercial vehicles: constant progress

Better road infrastructure has a significant impact on road safety

_JOB8105Commercial vehicles are making significant contributions to the improvement of road safety. Today, commercial vehicles are implicated in only about 10% of fatal road accidents. But infrastructure also plays an essential role in road safety. Roads designed to minimize bottlenecks and ensure better traffic flow, as well as reducing roadside hazards, can have a significant impact on road safety. In the end, improving road safety requires an innovative automotive industry, safe infrastructure as well as road users improving their behaviour.

Investments in road infrastructure guarantee safe journeys

Road infrastructure investment is critically important whereas underinvestment in roads risks increased _JOB2186congestion, longer travel times, increased costs and dramatic losses in welfare and competitiveness of the European economy. From a safety perspective, replacing traffic signals with well-designed roundabouts has shown to significantly improve the safety of road junctions, for example. The type of road also plays an important role: Europe’s fastest roads – multiple lane expressways – are statistically the safest, while single carriageways (two-lane highways) tend to be the most dangerous.