European trucks lead the industry globally

The commercial vehicle industry creates jobs & revenue in Europe

_JOB2290Europe’s commercial vehicle industry is a global leader and a key industrial asset in which almost every EU Member State has a stake. European trucks, vans and buses are the first choice around the globe. In 2012, exports of heavy-duty vehicles grew in value by 18%, resulting in a trade balance surplus of €6 billion. Transporting 75% of all inland freight in Europe, freight transport and distribution is a €250 billion business. These data confirm the importance of the commercial vehicle industry in the European economy.

Some 50% of heavy trucks built in the United States come from European-owned factories

European trucks lead the industry globally in terms of active and passive safety innovations, as well as engine technologies to meet and even surpass the strictest emission standards in the world. Furthermore, European commercial vehicle manufacturers have also invested in local production sites in important markets around the world. European truck manufacturers first established a presence in South America back in the 1960s, and during the 1980s they came to dominate the heavy goods vehicle marketplace in North America. Some 50% of heavy trucks built in the US now come from European-owned factories, based on European technology.