Buses are the most widely used & cost-efficient mode of collective transport

Buses optimise the connection of urban centres with strategic locations 

_JOB6256Buses provide flexible, reliable and sustainable transport services across all of Europe, ensuring convenient mobility for millions, both in cities and in suburban and rural settings. They provide collective transport to strategic locations such as airports or tourist locations.

They have become increasingly efficient and clean. The introduction of EURO VI has been a major achievement for buses, with regulated emissions slashed to near-zero levels, making them 98% lower when compared to those in 1990.

European buses are the cleanest and safest in the world

Trucks, vans and buses are indispensable in our everyday lives, making cities more accessible and our continent more connected. Trucks, vans and buses are not just a mode of transportation, they represent a link between producers and consumers as well as providing public services, by connecting cities and regions. New innovative technologies and fuel-efficiency measures have made European buses the most technologically-advanced and safe in the world.